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( Mar. 4th, 2008 09:35 pm)
I get asked a lot of questions when I see my Drs. Mostly because I utterly fail at volunteering information even when I've consented to the conversation but increasingly, I find, because I have no sense of time.

In my brain, there is a dimly lit "back when" surrounding X or Y event that made some sort of impression and there's a "now" that comprises the 10 minutes surrounding whatever I'm currently doing.

Everything else is lost in a fog... I honestly have no recollection of most of my life. Give me a year, any year, and if nothing particularly wonderful or horrible took place, I will have no memory of it.

I've been in therapy for almost two years, and I've been asked a lot of questions, and still, what I can remember of my existence so far, comes to:

- My first memory ever at 18 months
- A few moments when I was five
- A sense of what my 13th year was like
- Another vague clue at 19 or 20
- The last three years or so... (nothing specific, but I have some details in that time frame)

I can, however, recite verbatim:

- every BtVS episode
- Wallace Stevens' Sunday Morning
- some substantial chunks of the Bible
- a thousand song lyrics

... all without the slightest provocation. LOL

P.S. I'm wicked obsessed with the song currently in play, so go d/l!
lyrics under here )

Metric has eaten my brain of late. Broken Social Scene and all related, actually. Maybe I should start telling time by what music was stuck in my head.


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