In the past two weeks I have:

1. encountered the blue screen of death in my computer at home
2. purchased a new computer
3. detested Vista with every fiber of my being
4. somehow (don't ask... I think the power of prayer might have been invoked! LOL) fixed the BSoD
5. returned the Vista-infested new machine
6. restored old machine only to watch my monitor die
7. purchased new (20" widescreen BEAUTIFUL!!!) monitor
8. encountered the BSoD at WORK!!!!!

Seriously, WTF?

Not that I don't appreciate all that new computer smell but I'm going to develop a complex if electronics continue to die around me.

On the bright side, I was, for once, adequately backed-up and have lost next to nothing in way of files. Plus, I had meant to wipe and re-format the hd on my baby the last time I tinkered with it (more memory & new video card) but was too lazy to do so- it is so speedy now!

OTOH, I shopped at Micro Center and now I have a powerful urge to build my own. I'm adept at cannibalizing parts but I've never put a system together from scratch.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Vista sucks? 'Cause it sucks.
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